HFRR Humidity Controlled Cabinet

Part code: PCS-002799

The HFRR Humidity Controlled Cabinet (HFRHCAB) is designed as an accessory for the HFRR High Frequency Reciprocating Rig to allow tests to be carried out at constant temperature, and relative humidity.

The cabinet, which is supplied with a stainless steel stand for the HFR test head and a coated desiccant tray, is easy to use and virtually maintenance-free. Preliminary tests using the humidity controlled cabinet show increased repeatability and reduced scatter.

Items supplied:

  • Humidity cabinet including cables
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • HFRR stand and tray

Items not supplied which are required to control the humidity:

  • Salt (choice of salts are listed in the manual)
  • De-ionised water

This cabinet, as supplied, is NOT SUITABLE for gasoline testing.

Please consult PCS for further information regarding gasoline tests.